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Great Parts - Great Coverage

We know how important it is to get the right parts at the right price. That's why we back your purchase with a comprehensive warranty package.


Super L'Auto Recyclers is pleased to offer our customers a variety of warranty packages. Our standard warranty is 60 days on parts only, no labor coverage on defective items. Super L'Auto guarantees your satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return the part with your receipt for exchange or full refund. Refunds must be approved by on-duty manager, and no refunds will be issued for special orders, including custom cuts.

We are pleased to offer our customers the option of purchasing and extended warranty. Which one is best suited for you?

Conditional Warranty

Conditional Warranty Limits

1. Engines are guaranteed to be in good operating condition with reasonable limits of specifications for 60 days as stated by the seller (i.e. oil pressure, compression and oil consumption). Only the crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under this guarantee. Accessories such as water pump, distributor, injection system, exhaust manifold are left for customer convenience only. Automatic transmissions and rear end assemblies are guaranteed functional for a period of 60 days. This guarantee covers replacement or repair at the option of the seller. It does not cover any other expenses such as towing emergency road service or related expense. Failure to replace the front and rear transmission seals will void the warranty.

2. Standard transmissions are guaranteed functional assemblies. Gears are inspected at the time of purchase. New inspection gaskets need to be installed prior to installation.

3. Differentials are guaranteed functional assemblies. Gears are inspected at the time of purchase. Replace all seals prior to installation.

4. All parts are guaranteed for 60 days from the date of purchase not the date of installation.

5. Defective parts will be replaced and/or money refunded. Refunds must be approved by on-duty manager, and no refunds will be issued for special orders, including custom cuts.

6. All parts being returned must be accompanied by original sales receipt.

7. Warranty does not cover expense in removal or replacement of defective part. (Unless a labour warranty was purchased with the part.)

Conditional Extended Warranty

Conditional Extended Warranty Limits

Engine Warranty coverage: Crankshaft, block, heads and valve trains are covered under this warranty. All other components on or around the engine are not covered (I.E. water pump, distributor, injection system, and exhaust manifolds, etc.)

Transmission Warranty Coverage: All internal parts with the exception of gaskets, seals filters and sensors. Automatic transmissions are sold without filter. Failure to install transmissions without filter will void the warranty.

Refinished Wheel Warranty Coverage: Only defective workmanship or repair is covered under this warranty when determined by Super L'Auto's wheel refinishing department.

A refinished wheel completed by Super L'Auto's will not be covered under any warranty if 1 or more of the following have taken place:

1. Damage due to improper installation.

2. Damage from negligence, collision, or the use of clip on weights on the front refinished portion of wheel.

3. Repair or manipulation from a third party other than Super L'Auto's.

4. Discolouration caused by the use of harmful cleaners or chemicals.

5. Finish damage caused by salt exposure.

Extended Warranty does not apply to any commercial vehicles. Super L'Auto's Auto Recycling reserves the right to replace, repair or refund the parts and labour according to the Mitchell Manual specifications at the rate of up to $100.00 per hour.

(Labour is paid out only once after the initial standard warranty of 60 days and will not exceed the original part purchase price.)

Unless the original invoice is noted, all parts are sold with a 60-day Warranty. Coverage must be made at time of purchase. (This Warranty is only valid to the purchaser of the part and is non transferable.)

All claims must be accompanied by the part and the original sales invoice.

Warranty does not cover the loss of time, roadside assistance, lodging, fluids or any other related expenses. All claims are paid in Canadian funds.

Super L'Auto’s warranty for parts and refinishing does not cover incidental or consequential damages such as physical injuries or property damage, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, inconvenience, rental vehicle charges or accommodations resulting from the failure of the part or refinishing service. This limited warranty represents the exclusive remedy for the warranty failure and the total liability of Super L'Auto Recyclers for any part or refinishing it warrants.

All implied warranties, including warranties for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this warranty and do not cover incidental or consequential damages.

All motors are tagged with warranty tags. Ff not followed and performed by licensed mechanic, all warranty will be void. Ff heat tabs are melted out, the warranty is void. Ff the rod is not check or replaced when installing a engine, the warranty is void

All trannys are tagged with warranty tags. If not performed to proper standards of Super L'Auto Recyclers by following tags. warranty will be void. If tranny lines and and rod are not replaced because of metal fillings, the warranty is also void

When purchasing parts all warranties must be produced by original invoice.

When buying used auto parts and wanting to return the part that has been purchased, it must come back prepaid to Super L'auto Recyclers or there is no refund at all .

All shipments that are shipped by shipping companies outside of Chilliwack B.C are subject to shipping at owners risk. We at Super L'Auto Recyclers do not guarantee shipping times or insurance. All shipments are shipped at owners risk.

All motors and trannys or any parts shipped by super L"Auto recyclers is shipped with no oil or fluids at all. It is customers responsibility to put proper fluids in for the part that is needed.

Thanks! If you have any questions please feel free to call and discuss your order before buying to talk with any one of our counter staff. We are here to help you solve your problem with buying used auto parts.